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Sisters 8-17 March
'Sisters' is a project on female empowerment and sisterhood. A contemporary art and design exhibition that showcases and celebrates female perspectives.
The exhibited works, all created exclusively for the show, express concepts of community, women in craft, femininity and social injustice. By inviting female creators from a range of creative disciplines, the show responds to the under-representation of women in creative arts, and the lack of female perspectives throughout society.

'Sisters' are proud to support Dona Kolors, a non-profit fashion clothing initiative that employ women with a background within prostitution and survivors of trafficking, giving them the advantages of legitimate employment and an opportunity to gain financial independence and empowerment. We participate by donating a percentage of each sold work to this project. Donations can also be made directly through our crowdfunding platform, created especially for the collaboration between Sisters and Dona Kolors.

Exhibitors: Alejandra Perini, Berta Julià Sala, Carla Cascales Alimbau, Cierto Estudio, Irene Infantes, Marta Armengol, Marta Ayala Herrera, Marta Cascales Alimbau, Omayra Maymó, Paula Clavería, Sanna Völker

Curated by Sanna Völker

Visual communication:
Art direction & Graphic design Emmy Koski
Photography Luiza Lacava
Production assistant Allie Heesh

Instagram: @sisters_ox
Facebook: Sisters_Ox


Ox Poblenou
Pere IV 29-35 5º2º
08018 Barcelona

Opening hours:
8-17 March 2019
Mon-Sun 11-14 and 16-19
(Saturday 9 March only from 16-19)
Monday 11 March closed

Free entrance