Stories are the impressions and observations of objects, materials and meanings, performed by the artist Sasha Sime

Ox Poblenou. Pere IV 29-35 5º2º
08018 Barcelona

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Paper crumples
Wet paper crumples softly and easily
Dried, it resists and gets tough
Tough and no crumples anymore

#paper #paper #resistance #material

Plastic rustles. He is young, light and carefree.
Plastic has no pedigree, history or roots.
Plastic is transparent, but he can hardly be called clean.
They do not value plastic, and he does not show much respect in return.
Plastic is genuinely ill-mannered.
And indifferent.

#plastic #loveplastic #transparency #rustle #glitter #momentary

Rubber smells like black caviar
It inflates / deflates / experiences physical pain.
Stretches / shrinks
Leaving traces of talcum powder
Smelling like black caviar

#rubber #caviar #we inflate #weblowoff

The rock broke off
From which side you'll never know
He is difficult to befriend, he is a snob / too serious.
But with him you can start a revolution.

#rock #rock #non-simple # serious material #tooseriousmaterial

Ceramic sells in stores
It can also be bought online,
but there is a chance it could break on it's way
and turn to trash.
If you order white ceramic online,
delivered, you could receive white trash


Adhesive tape is like an old friend —
It is always trusty, even when unreachable
I like the aftertaste of glue / plastic on my teeth
This aftertaste of hastily work

#adhesivetape #scotch # aftertaste #glue #bite

Sometimes too much.
You will turn away from one / here is another
you will get rid of him / next one is on
With him you're always on guard

#light #persistent #turnon #turnoff

Story is a lot of words that have at least some meaning.
At least some.

There are, of course, meaningless stories,
but few are a fan of them.

Who ever wants to get another batch of nonsense?



#sashasime #story #stories
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STORIES / 10—31 MAY / 2019
Ox Poblenou / Pere IV 29-35 5º2ª / 08018 Barcelona
Gallery hours > Tuesday to Saturday
11—14 / 16—19

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EXHIBITION | Barcelona Design Week
Perception (2018)
The show questions our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects.
Perception is a multidisciplinary project focusing on reflection and community. The idea was born following discussions about how the experience of visiting design exhibitions and showrooms has changed due to social media and online purchasing. Have we become lazy and spoiled by scrolling through hundreds of new products everyday? Do we still understand, and appreciate, the complexity of a designed product and its making? And what about the live experience, human interaction with our surroundings, the touch and tactility of the objects, the temperature of them, the sound of a glass surface or the smell of fresh cut wood?

The exhibition, held during the Barcelona Design Week 2018, included furniture, audio and video. 16 Barcelona based designers embraced human complexity by exploring the senses. The show questioned our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects and the processes behind them. No images were being published before the show, in order for the visitors to experience the installation without preconceptions.

Curator and organisation: Sanna Völker
Product and event photos: Andrea Ferrara
Main sponsor: Lavazza
Product sponsors: Inedit Damm, Tibidabo Brewing

Exhibitors / participants:
Max Enrich, Goula/Figuera, Sebastian Alberdi, Alejandra Perini, Alberto Vitelio, Proyecto Rastro, Kiwi Bravo, Sanna Völker, Matias Bieniaszewski, David Leon Fiene, Loren Garciort and Ángel Ramos.

Sisters 8-17 March
'Sisters' is a project on female empowerment and sisterhood. A contemporary art and design exhibition that showcases and celebrates female perspectives.
The exhibited works, all created exclusively for the show, express concepts of community, women in craft, femininity and social injustice. By inviting female creators from a range of creative disciplines, the show responds to the under-representation of women in creative arts, and the lack of female perspectives throughout society.

'Sisters' are proud to support Dona Kolors, a non-profit fashion clothing initiative that employ women with a background within prostitution and survivors of trafficking, giving them the advantages of legitimate employment and an opportunity to gain financial independence and empowerment. We participate by donating a percentage of each sold work to this project. Donations can also be made directly through our crowdfunding platform, created especially for the collaboration between Sisters and Dona Kolors.

Exhibitors: Alejandra Perini, Berta Julià Sala, Carla Cascales Alimbau, Cierto Estudio, Irene Infantes, Marta Armengol, Marta Ayala Herrera, Marta Cascales Alimbau, Omayra Maymó, Paula Clavería, Sanna Völker

Curated by Sanna Völker

Visual communication:
Art direction & Graphic design Emmy Koski
Photography Luiza Lacava
Production assistant Allie Heesh

Instagram: @sisters_ox
Facebook: Sisters_Ox


Ox Poblenou
Pere IV 29-35 5º2º
08018 Barcelona

Opening hours:
8-17 March 2019
Mon-Sun 11-14 and 16-19
(Saturday 9 March only from 16-19)
Monday 11 March closed